Sedation mentoring

Prior to April 2015 (when the current IACSD sedation standards were published) it was normal for mentoring of a new sedation dentist or nurse to be carried out by a reasonably experienced colleague. This has changed! Dentists new to sedation now need to be trained by an IACSD approved clinical assessor (like Adam and Geoff) after first completing an IACSD accredited course (like our beginner course) They can have the clinical stages supervised by an 'approved supervisor' that we are able to approve. A prospective clinical supervisor should contact us to ensure that we are satisfied with their level of training and experience.

The clinical assessor needs to evaluate 20 clinical cases undertaken by the beginner sedationist and certificate their clinical practice. A minimum of 5 sedation assessments must also be evaluated by the clinical assessor.

If you are new to sedation you CANNOT legally learn this technique from anyone other than an IACSD accredited course. You CANNOT be mentored by anyone that hasn't been IACSD approved as a clinical assessor (this came into effect on April 2015)

In the case of NEW sedation dentists, you need to complete an IACSD approved course for beginners such as our 2 day course, click here for further information.

In the case of NEW sedation nurses, you can complete our course followed by clinical supervision by an approved assessor. Your assessor MUST be approved by us and in order to do so they need to contact us to start this application process.


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