Latest CPD guidelines for Dentists and Nurses


A document published in September 2011 by the “Independent Expert Group on Training Standards for Sedation in Dentistry” (IEGTSSD) highlighted the need for CPD for those involved in delivering conscious sedation to patients.

From the document….”once a dentist / doctor has reached an appropriate level of training which will enable him/her to perform effective and safe sedation it is important to keep up to date with new developments. It is recommended that practitioners undertake a minimum of
12 hours of verifiable sedation-related CPD every 5 years

IACSD Standards April 2015 also states 12 hours verifiable CPD in sedation is required per 5 year cycle.

Our refresher course provides 6 hours eCPD in Sedation
Our beginner dentist sedation course provides 12 hours eCPD in Sedation

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